About Us

Nomads Path Development Organization (NOPADO) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Kenya in 2019, with the main objective of alleviating poverty through creation of sustainable socio-economic projects.

The journey of our humanitarian work began with the formation of Galle Women Development Initiative, a Community Based Organization (CBO) which was established in October 2013. Its main objective was promoting peaceful co-existence in the community through initiatives in education, sustainable socio- economic projects and climate change interventions. Due to the scaling of our work within the county and beyond, Nomads Path Development Organization (NOPADO) an NGO was formed.

NOPADO envisions a region where communities live in peace and harmony, enjoy the freedom and quality of life with each other, and has equal opportunities to make the region a better and safer place for all to live in. Historically, Galle Women Development Initiative has played a major role in peace restoration in Marsabit County  through  implementation of community services and projects such as:

  1. Collaborative peace building workshops in the following spaces:
  2. Collaborated with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) of Kenya to neutralize the recurrent tribal clashes over grazing land in Marsabit County in 2016.
  3. Conducted a successful civic education forum to promote peace ahead of the 2018 general election. This contribution was impactful as Marsabit county had peaceful elections compared to the general elections of 2012.
  4. Through NOPADO’s work over the years, we had the privilege of participating in the peace workshop for He For She an initiative under the UN Women which aims at making a call to action for gender equality.
  5.  Environmental projects where Galle undertook tree planting initiative in Marsabit County to create awareness on the effects of global warming;

c.  Humanitarian response in the areas stricken by hunger during famine, where the CBO donated food and non-food provisions;